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Visit the hospital
  • Appointments are strongly preferred and will reduce waiting times. 

  • Urgent consultations - call in advance so staff are ready.

  • Food and repeat prescriptions can be ordered in advance to reduce waiting time on arrival

  • Consider advance medication for nervous pets who may be stressed by car journeys.  Our vets can help advise.

At the hospital
  • Please be considerate to other pet owners.

  • Keep dogs on leashes and cats in their secure baskets. 

  • Do not allow dogs to get too close to cat cages in the waiting area.

Talking to staff
  • Staff will do their best to keep to appointment times, but please understand that emergency or complicated cases may cause delays.

  • If your pet must be admitted for hospital treatment, you will be asked to sign consent forms for inpatient procedures. Risks, benefits and estimated costs associated with treatments will be explained and must be understood before treatment is allowed to proceed.

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